Savvas N. Georgiades

Local Organizer

Savvas N. Georgiades

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Cyprus

Dr Savvas N. Georgiades is Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cyprus (located in Nicosia). His expertise spans the areas of Organic Synthesis, Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Dr Georgiades has obtained his PhD in Chemistry from Harvard University (under Prof. Jon Clardy’s supervision), while he has held postdoctoral appointments at the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA (with Prof. Phil Baran) and at Imperial College London (with Prof. Ramon Vilar). Dr Georgiades has been the “New Blood Lecturer in Pharmacy and Chemistry” at Kingston University (UK) for one year, prior to joining the faculty of University of Cyprus in 2011.

Dr Georgiades has established and currently leads the Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology Research Laboratory at UCY and supervises several PhD and MSc students, while in parallel he is actively engaged in the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate courses (Organic, Bioorganic, Medicinal). His current research focuses on: (a) Development and application (in the context of multi-step synthesis) of practical synthetic methodologies for (sp2 and sp3) C-H bond activation and C-C or C-X (heteroatom) bond formation, especially metal-mediated; (b) Development of new all-organic oligo-aryl or metal-based G-quadruplex nucleic acid binders as a basis for new anti-cancer treatments and bio-imaging agents; (c) Synthesis, via short innovative routes, of small-molecule modulators for selected cellular signaling pathways.

Dr Georgiades has been the Cyprus Nominee and Representative in the EuCheMS Organic Division Young Investigator Workshop several times. He currently serves as the Cyprus Representative on the Management Committee of COST Action CA15106 – CH Activation in Organic Synthesis, and is the local organizer of the 6th Action Meeting in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

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